Maintaining Hydration Levels – Toolbox Talk

As the hot summer months approach it is important to remind workers, especially those exposed to the elements or extreme temperatures to monitor and maintain their hydration.

This month’s TBT provides participants with a simple process and urine colour chat so that they can self-assess their level of hydration and make an informed decision regarding their current and future fluid intake to ensure they remain adequately hydrated.

When presenting this TBT it is recommended that you run participants through the use of the “Urine Colour Chart” and to suggest that they make small adjustments to their fluid intake to try and balance out their hydration. It is important to remind them not to overdo the fluid intake and that water is the best source of re-hydration.

Another tip to offer participants is that they should regularly monitor their urine colour throughout their work day and take action as soon as they identify they are slightly dehydrated to avoid the risk of becoming “Extremely Dehydrated”.