IRP are recognised as being number one for safety!

After another positive year of Health, Safety and Injury Management performance, IRP have been recognised by our insurance broker as Perth’s Number 1 Industrial Recruitment Agency.

Industrial Recruitment Partners’ Managing Director Peter Spark said, “Our record, results and endorsement as the clear leader in Workplace Health and Safety creates a huge advantage which is totally unique to IRP. It’s an opportunity to leverage the know-how, systems and skills that when implemented will reduce costs for our clients – clearly one of the big priorities for business which continues to dominate the headlines.

Most importantly, our safety know-how means we’re reducing the risk of injury. From a customer perspective, statistically while working for IRP a candidate is significantly more likely to be injury free and an IRP client will reduce its injury and incident frequency rate when using IRP.”

Interlink CEO Nadeem Chahin referred to Industrial Recruitment Partners as being the benchmark by which all other labour hire companies’ safety culture and performance should be measured against.

Read the full Interlink Statement.

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