How to get a job during the mining boom

According to Perth Now there’s a mining boom happening in WA again. It’s great news for the state and its great news for job seekers. With more than 1600 jobs up for grabs but fierce competition for them, how can you make sure you’re ahead of the pack?

Review these three quick tips to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance of getting that job!

Resume – Resume – Resume

Your resume is your golden ticket. It’s the thing a recruiter looks at before anything else and it can make or break your application. A well-presented, neat resume with your experience listened in reverse chronological order and your relevant tickets and qualifications bullet-pointed make it a lot easier for the recruiter to read and assess your suitability.

Remember, a recruiter will look at your resume for approximately 6 seconds, if they spend those 6 seconds trying to decipher your spelling or reorganize your jumbled formatting then you’re not going to progress very far.

TOP TIP: Spell check, use a standard font, keep it simple and organized.

Upskill Yourself

So you took that 2-day course, got a forklift ticket, and now you’re ready for the mines? Think again. The best way to get a mining job, or any sought-after role, is to make yourself a standout candidate.

Research, find out what will set you apart, and do that. It might cost you a little bit of money to take on some extra training, but look at it as an investment in your future.

TOP TIP: Find out what will put you at the top of the list, get the training, spend 6 months gaining post training experience in a local environment.

Be Available

There’s nothing worse for a recruiter than not being able to get hold of a perfect candidate. If you’ve applied for a role, make sure you give the right contact details and answer your phone when it rings.

It’s common practice to apply for many jobs at once using online job boards. It certainly raises your chances of finding employment, but you can soon lose track of what you’ve applied for, and if you don’t know what a recruiter is calling you about it sends the message that you’re not that passionate about their role.

TOP TIP: Make a list of the roles you’ve applied for with the name of the recruiter. When they call you’ll know who they are and will be more prepared to discuss the role.

Three small tips, but if put into practice will make you stand out and hopefully help you secure one of those sought-after resources jobs. Good luck!