Don’t Get Spooked By Job Interviews This Halloween

Halloween is a time for witches, wizards, monsters, and for the savvy job hunter, pre-Christmas interviews.

Unfortunately, for many, the job interview is still a scarier thing to face than any multitude of masked men or ghostly ghouls. You’re in luck though, IRP has put together 3 tips to help you overcome those interview anxieties and land that dream job.

Remove The Unknown

Is it the fear of talking to someone that unnerves you? Or is it really the fear of the unknown? Being afraid of unknown situations is all part of being human, but luckily there’s a way to remove that fear from the interview process altogether. Preparation! Obvious eh? Then why are so many candidates attending interviews completely unprepared?

What’s the first thing you do once you hang up the phone after confirming a date for a job interview? Do you call your mom and tell her the good news? Do you head down to the pub to celebrate with your mates? Or do you go online and do some research into the role, the market, the business, the interviewer, and the sorts of questions you might be asked?

You’re going to make a much better impression if you arrive at an interview and can demonstrate your commitment to the role and the company by showing you’ve taken an interested and conducted some research. You’ll notice how much more confident you are once you have an awareness of the role too.

Don’t Play A Character

There’s nothing worse than interviewing somebody who is obviously presenting themselves in a way they think you want them to be.

Chances are the person interviewing you has conducted hundreds or thousands of interviews and is an expert at reading people, if you go into the interview in character, you’re going to be found out very quickly.

The interview process isn’t just about finding out whether you have the skills and experience to perform the job, if you’ve reached interview stage you most likely do, it’s also about seeing whether you’re a good fit for the business.

Modern recruiters understand the need for finding a good cultural fit. You might be the best engineer/doctor/boilermaker/dog groomer/sword juggler on the planet, but if your values don’t align with the business you’re not going to get the job. It’s beneficial for both the business and you to ensure you’re a good fit.

You don’t want to be miserable working for a company you don’t like, the company doesn’t want to have to go through the recruitment process again because you decide to leave after a few months, remember, an interview is a two-way evaluation. You want the job, they want a role filled, you’re both sizing each other up.

So just be yourself, yes it’s cliched advice, but often a cliche becomes a cliche because it’s correct.

Go In With A Positive Attitude

There’s a common misconception among candidates that the interviewer’s job is to try and trick a person into making a mistake or saying something stupid. Nothing could be further from the truth. This misconception really hurts the process and makes candidates appear guarded and nervous. It can really sour the experience for both the recruiter and the applicant and turn a good candidate into a no hire.

The interview process is designed to ensure you are a good fit for the role, for the business, and to give you an opportunity to make sure you really do want to take on the position you’ve applied for.

Like the resume you sent in, or the phone screen you might have had, the interview is just another communication tool to help ensure everybody is on the same page. And as we all know, communication requires two or more parties. The interview is your opportunity to highlight your positives, show your enthusiasm for your work, and ask any questions or raise any concerns you might have about the role.

It’s not a test, it’s not a trick, it’s just a conversation to determine whether both people are happy to enter into what should be a positive working relationship.


So there you have it, IRP’s 3 tips to nail a job interview. If you have interviews coming up and you follow our advice, all you should have to worry about this Halloween is running out of sweeties for the hoards of trick or treaters making their way to your front door right now…