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These materials have been written and prepared by an experienced Occupational Health & Safety professional and focus on many of the most common injury elements of any workplace.

When am I at Risk in the Workplace?

When am I at Risk?

What is a Safe Work Procedure?

Safe Work Procedure Toolbox Talk

Housekeeping for Health & Safety

Housekeeping for Health & Safety Toolbox Talk

Eye Safety in the Workplace

Eye Safety in your Workplace Toolbox Talk

Event & Hazard Reporting

Event & Hazard Reporting Toolbox Talk

Your Duty of Care

Duty of Care Toolbox Talk

Workplace Bullying & Harassment

Bullying & Harassment Toolbox Talk

Eye Safety in the Workplace

Eye Safety in your Workplace Toolbox Talk

"Hurry Up" Can Hurt

Hurry Up Can Hurt Toolbox Talk

Hand Safety at Work

Hand Safety Toolbox Talk

Are you fit for work?

Fit for Work Toolbox Talk

When Did You Last Hydrate?

Hydration Toolbox Talk

Prepare for Work

Prepare for Work Toolbox Talk

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE Toolbox Talk

Preventive & Corrective Actions

Preventive & Corrective Actions Toolbox Talk

Manual Task Handling

Manual Task Handling Overview Toolbox Talk

Working in Hot Conditions

Working in Hot Conditions Toolbox Talk

Using Safe Moving Techniques

Using Safe Moving Techniques Toolbox Talk

Guide for Summer Safety

Guide for Summer Safety Toolbox Talk

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