IRP Candidate Care Program

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“The program focuses on engagement, performance, safety and long-term wellbeing.”
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Improving retention sustainably is certainly underpinned by good candidate selection. However, the evidence also strongly suggests that retention is improved by having a comprehensive Candidate Care Program which proactively engages and supports the right people throughout their employment.

IRP’s Candidate Care Program focuses on engagement, performance, safety and long-term wellbeing which results in improved productivity, safety and retention at your workplace.

The program is built on structured procedures and systems including:

  • Providing a fair, transparent and honest communication program throughout the Candidate’s application process;
  • Guidance and support provided to Candidates to assist in communication, presentation, standards, expectations – including values and overall Company culture;
  • Regular, structured on-site Client (supervisor) meetings to assess and measure performance and cultural fit. IRP Candidate Performance Reviews are also an opportunity to identify positive elements of their Candidate performance and conduct;
  • One-on-one Candidate Performance Reviews are geared towards recognition, acknowledgement and identifying issues which might be impacting on performance or behaviour.
  • IRP recruitment consultant’s participation in client held toolbox talks or safety meetings, support your safety priorities and focus on improving or reinforcing Candidate safety including compliance with site regulations and procedures;
  • Targeted upskilling program to assist Candidates in developing and improving their skills in line with client/site requirements;
  • Candidate surveys which assess the level of service and support provided by IRP. These surveys are completed at regular milestones throughout their placement period and then immediately after placement;
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) being provided to Candidates and proactively assessed and as required replaced in accordance with their specific requirements and workplace conditions;
  • Personalised recognition of key professional and personal milestones is provided to Candidates as part of the IRP community.

These steps are taken as part of our ongoing commitment to our Candidate team members and valued Clients. The Candidate Care Program is one part of our service offering which supports our vision to ‘Help build great organisations with great people’.

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