Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions we receive from our current and prospective workers. Part of our job is to ensure you are as informed as possible about your job, work site and employment conditions.

We encourage you to contact your IRP Account Manager or our head office to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

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Do you provide the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) I need for my job?

Yes we provide any PPE that is relevant to your work type and location. Your PPE requirements are reviewed at the start of each new work placement.

Does it cost me anything to work for you?

There are no charges/costs applied to the worker

Can I go permanent with the employer I am placed with?

Yes, in accordance with legislation, a temporary worker who has worked at the same host employer has the right to request permanent placement.

When will I be paid?

The pay week is from Monday to Sunday.  Your pay will be electronically paid into your bank account the following Wednesday, sooner than most other agencies.

How can I make sure I get paid correctly and on time?

By ensuring your time-sheet is filled in correctly and signed off by your supervisor at the end of your working week, then faxing it to IRP by 10am Monday morning of the following week.

How will pay days be affected by public holidays?

Time-sheets are normally due at IRP by Monday morning.  However if there is a public holiday in a working week it may affect the day your pay is in your bank account by one day. For the week that Christmas falls, it may take two additional days.

Who pays my tax and superannuation when I’m doing a temporary job for IRP?

When you undertake any form of temporary, contract or casual work for IRP you are an IRP employee.  As your employer IRP are required to deduct PAYG tax from your pay each week and forward it to the Tax Office.  IRP pay statutory superannuation (where applicable) into your nominated superannuation account.

Where do I go on my first day?

You will be advised by your IRP Consultant of your work assignment, location, reporting time, supervisor’s name and any other necessary information.

What do I do if I see a hazard in the workplace?

If you see a hazard in the workplace please report it immediately to your work supervisor as well as notify your IRP Consultant.  You may be able to prevent yourself or someone else from being hurt.

Can you assist me with my resume?

Yes we are happy to review your resume and provide professional advice to enhance your chances of gaining employment.

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