A Case For Safety

When Industrial Recruitment Partners (IRP) was established in 2006, it was on the basis of offering both its clients and employees high levels of personalised service that focused on safety, retention and productivity. With this ambitious goal in mind IRP looked to partner with organisations that could support its vision and help put health and safety first; enter Interlink Insurance Brokers and QBE, and the start of a relationship that has secured IRP as an industry leader in safety and risk management practices.

“Our relationship with Interlink Insurance Brokers and QBE has been pivotal to our success,” said Peter Spark, Managing Director, IRP.

IRP has taken a consultative approach to its operations, and has utilised the professional advice and recommendations provided by both Interlink and QBE when implementing safety initiatives or making changes to the way it delivers safety on-site.

Health & Safety First

IRP is a medium-sized recruitment and labour hire enterprise sourcing skilled and semi-skilled personnel across many blue collar industries. So it is not hard to understand why selecting and recruiting candidates and clients with the right safety and health acumen’s is pivotal to a sustained safety performance and culture.

“We put the health and safety of our people, our candidates and clients first and foremost. Not just in words, but in action,” said Spark.

This requires commitment and undertaking from the whole organisation from Managing Directors and Account Managers through to clerical and administration staff.

IRP has invested significantly in building a comprehensive recruitment and employee management methodology that maximises successful working relationships. This is achieved through the selection, screening and recruiting of high quality and safety-focused candidates, and adopting a fundamental business safety risk mitigation formula of elimination and/or substitution of identified risks.

Thorough Client & Candidate Selection

Possession of an appropriate trade certification or equivalent competencies is just the starting point. Candidates must also possess a safety cultural mindset. Potential clients’ workplaces and safety management systems are also examined to gauge their commitment to safety and overall safety culture. This process is as much about ensuring the candidate’s safety as it is about looking for opportunities to partner with clients to improve safety onsite.

Proactive Preventative Activities

QBE Case Managers with their extensive experience in claims management were instrumental in formulating IRP candidate placement management program and for a dedicated point of contact. An IRP Account Manager is assigned to each candidate to ensure a seamless transition when they are placed with their contracted workplace.

This manager will continue to support the candidate throughout their contract with regular phone contact and weekly site visits. These regular face-to-face meetings provide an opportunity to reinforce a continual focus on health and safety, together with compliance to site-based policies and OHS legislation.

QBE is in regular contact with IRP to promote and champion the need for continual improvement. IRP to their credit is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to ensure it remains a leader in safety and risk management practices. It recognises that this is a continual journey as it strives to reach a zero-harm environment for all IRP candidates and clients.