4 Tips to Remember when Applying for a Job

When applying for a job, there is a good chance your application will be one of many, if not hundreds in some cases, that will be reviewed by a recruitment consultant! Ensuring your resume is well written in a way that makes the life of the recruiter easier will assist in your resume making it through the shortlisting process.

The following are 4 tips to assist with the construction of your resume:

1. Target appropriate jobs

  • Before applying for a job, make sure you have the relevant skills and experience outlined in the position description.
  • Print out the job advertisement and start a rough copy of your application.
  • Make sure that you have read the job carefully and then adjust your resume to address your skills and experience against any of the must have or essential requirements.
  • Your resume and cover letter should be change every time you apply for a new job to ensure you are highlighting your skills and experience to the jobs requirements. Avoid sending the same resume for every job!

2. Building your resume

  • Start your resume with your most recent job first.
  • Make sure you add in References telephone numbers and email address (if available).
  • Add in colour scans of all valid and relevant:
    • Skills tickets
    • Licences
    • Trade papers
    • Visas/Permanent residency proof
  • If there is a salary requirement with your application, make sure it’s appropriate for the position.
  • In your cover letter and conversations with recruiters, explain why you’re applying for the job, and why a high salary may not be the most important thing for you.

3. Make a time commitment

Be clear on your commitment to the position. Either make it clear that the job is not a stepping stone to a better opportunity, or make a commitment for a specific amount of time.

Every candidate needs to prove they fit a job description, but if you’re overqualified, this is even more important. Take care to be specific about why you would fit the position perfectly

4. Need help making your resume shine?

At Industrial Recruitment Partners we specialise in working with trade and industry clients and review hundreds of resumes daily. If you feel your resume could use some assistance in standing out from the crowd, contact us today for some free guidance.